Efficient By Design.

The Story.

Built on the principles of efficiency, diligence and curiosity.

Akribis Leather was founded by Luke Riemer out of a dire need to find a tool belt that could perfectly suit his specific needs. After years of searching, he started the process of testing and building his own rigs. He found some good deals on machinery to build the belts in his basement and would bring them to the job site for him and his crew to test. Every time he made another bag he would find ways to improve efficiency, strengthen weak spot, refine the aesthetics, tweak designs and incorporate new supports and materials to better the all around performance and comfort. These bags have been through scorching sun, intense rain, mud and snow. They’ve been driven over, ripped into, yanked on and tossed around.

Although the product today is much more refined, it’s in our DNA to continue to evolve and improve with Luke at the helm. Akribis is now producing belts out of our custom shop in Summerland BC and shipping to tradesmen around the world. Akribis tool belts are on job sites all over Canada (our homeland), US, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Getting orders from Madrid, Brisbane, Brazil, San Diego, London, Toronto… never gets old as we love hearing how our belts perform in all these diverse environments. Akribis is for tradesmen by tradesmen.

Our Values.

  • 1Efficiency

    Efficiency is in our blood. It’s what can separate good from great. Our belts should help you become as efficient as possible or we’re not doing a good enough job. Our designs come from 20 years of refining workflow while building hundreds of structures and training tradespeople in the pursuit of ultimate efficiency. Our top priority is to deliver high performance features that suit specific needs. Efficiency, form and function.

  • 2Curiosity

    We’ve never stopped wondering "what if" and never will. Curiosity keeps us always wanting to know what’s around the corner, how can we get better, how can our designs serve someone better or in a way we’ve never thought of. We're always looking to see how we can pick up and learn from those who have gone before us. We stand on the shoulders of great craftsmen and seek to continue their legacy. We hope to one day be old dogs who still learn new tricks.

  • 3Respect

    Everyone deserves the highest level of respect. If you’re getting started or in pursuit of mastering your craft, we want to build products to suit your needs and give you a head start in what for some takes years to find. Part of respect is good communication. You can be sure that we are committed to communicating where we fall short, never over promising and giving you the quality and detail we promise when we promise. Period.

  • 4Quality

    Everything wears out over time. But we are committed to constantly improving, strengthening and producing an extremely strong, high quality product that serves you well. We will always do everything in our power in keeping with our priorities to get you the best materials, smart approach and quality craftsmanship.

About Luke.

Luke started working in carpentry in 1996. He has gone on to build approximately 400 homes and has run his own concrete and framing company since 2005. He’s always been a perfectionist with a high value for hard work, accuracy, honesty and relationship. He treats his employees the way he would want to be treated. He believes there is an important line between good and bad music, punch line execution is everything and the best way to have a great night’s sleep is a good hard days work.

He’s been married to Tianna since 2004 and together have four beautiful children: Danai, Kasey, Jada, Teagan.