Here's how to order custom:

  • 1Start Custom Order

    Once the store is open, refresh the page and start by adding one or more of the custom options below to your cart. This will begin your cart with the associated fee. You are now in line and have 60 mins to complete your order. The "Custom" product below allows you to add on the "Laser Engraving" and "Colour Options" to your other customizations for an up charge.

  • 2Choose Parts

    Select the stock parts you want to customize by navigating to modular looped and/or stitched in place products that most closely represent what you’re after.

  • 3Insert Custom Details in Check Out

    Once you have reviewed and are happy with your selections, start check out process to input custom details. On the checkout page, clearly state your custom requests in the custom option comment window. Note that Luke will personally get in touch through email within the following week to discuss and confirm all details before production.

  • 4Confirm & Pay

    Make sure all your information is correct then complete checkout and payment. Note that you will have 60 mins from the time you start your cart to complete your order. The number of custom orders per month is very limited but if you're in you can relax and focus on getting the details right. You can also relax knowing that Luke will be in touch to make sure everything is in order before building your belt.

Start custom order below

Add the custom colour option to your cart to pick from one of our 3 colour customization options.


  • – All Black
  • – All Brown
  • – Reversed colour (this will invert the colours of the stock option)


Colour options can be helpful to differentiate your set up when multiple people on the job site have Akribis bags.


*very limit numbers available

product productproductproductproductproductproduct

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Product Details

Add the custom engraving option to your cart to laser engrave your logo, name, or other distinguishing design on:


  • – Outer bag(s) or
  • – Phone pouch or
  • – Mason jar


Files must be sent in jpg, pdf, eps or png and preferably in black and white. Only 1 location (exceptions up to 2 location if you have purchased a right and left side bag or stitched in place rig)


*very limit numbers available

* request may be denied and refunded if submitted file and or location request does not meet our requirements and/or limitations.


product product

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Product Details

Custom Belt


Start your custom belt order by adding this to your cart.  The “Custom” option gives access to:


  • – Relocation of tools, bags, and hardware to non-stock locations.
  • – Small changes to parts, accessories and bag features.
  • – Access to laser engraving (up charge)
  • – Access to custom colour scheme (up charge)


* Very limit custom spot available

* We don’t resize bags or copy sets/designs of other companies/products.

* Excessive custom requests, or multi set orders may incur additional costs. (Determined by Luke when reviewing orders)

* Request may be denied and refunded if: request is deemed out of scope and/or does not meet our requirements and/or limitations. (Determined by Luke when reviewing orders)

product productproductproductproductproduct

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Product Details

Thanks for starting a custom order.

Please continue below by:

Selecting stock parts from modular looped and/or stitched in place that most closely represent what you're after.
You have 60 mins to complete before loosing your place in line.

If you do not wish to continue, please remove the custom option from your cart to make room for others that are waiting in line.